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At ASEStone, we specialise in processing, stocking and directly supplying the marble slabs across Melbourne - at wholesale prices. We strive to bring your home decor to the best level of opulence, making your home a fashion hub through quality marble. Our marble benchtops Melbourne are highly suitable for wide range of applications, including kitchen, dining room, commercial spaces, bathrooms, countertops and more. With an ability to be easily maintained, these marble slabs provide a lifetime of glamour with great functionality.


As a natural stone, marble possesses a great variation in colors and patterns, with finish which is unique in every marble slab. This property gives the marble slabs a natural appeal and rustic look, providing a feeling of highly sophisticated installation. Being a highly durable natural stone, marble provides the stunning looks wherever installed.

   ● Marble ages well and acquires a lived-in look with time
   ● Natural appearance with unique patterns, textures and veining
   ● High resistance to scratching and acid etching
   ● Low maintenance : Being easier to clean, this marble is also resistant to allergens, fungus and mold.


   Easily blending with the dimensions and decor of the space, our benchtops are available in a wide range of shapes, including
   ● Straight Benchtop
   ● L Shaped Benchtop
   ● U Shaped Benchtop
   ● Kitchen Island
   ● Customised

If you are inspired to renovate your property with premium marble benchtops in Melbourne, call us for products at wholesale prices across Melbourne!

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