Engineered Stone Benchtops

Quality Workmanship in Engineered Stone Benchtops Melbourne

The engineered stone benchtops are also known by names like simply quartz benchtops, composite stone benchtops or reconstituted stone benchtops – depending on the manufacturer or supplier. Being man-made, these benchtops are constructed using a combination of materials in natural stone, glass, silicon, shells and a resin bonding agent. The stone benchtops in Melbourne by ASE Stone provide a great deal of versatility in looks and can be constructed to resemble the natural stone alternatives. These engineered benchtops are less porous than other natural stones and more resistant to dust-mould-allergens, also requiring less maintenance.



As one of the leading providers of quality stone benchtops in Melbourne, we are renowned for supplying the best products in natural and engineered stones. Our products are available across Melbourne, with options in thickness and colours.

Benefits of engineered stone benchtops Melbourne:

Generally, consisting of 93% crushed or powdered stone and 7% binding agent, engineered stone benchtops provide aesthetically appealing, durable, hard-wearing surfaces like natural stones. Having the engineered stone benchtops comes with many added advantages, such as,

  • Stronger than natural stones, such as granite or marble
  • Wide range of light colours available to suit your decor
  • Available in a wide range of customised shapes
  • These stones have strong uniformity in colour tones and shades
  • Stain-resistant, if maintained at regular intervals
  • The absence of veining makes these stone benchtops more resistant to cracks
  • Highly stable product for constant indoor use
  • Highly cost-effective, with standard slab sizes keeping the offcuts to minimum
  • The crushed stones have a lesser environmental footprint in comparison to natural stone slabs
  • Being engineered, they also offer guaranteed repeatability and consistency in pattern and colours

Our engineered stones offer high resistance to stains, scratching, abrasion and heat. If you want to own the best engineered stone benchtops with great versatility in terms of design, durability and low maintenance – call our friendly team to discuss your needs.