• Carrara Marble Melbourne


It is a classic marble with vein cut and mixed fleuri, creating various distinctive patterns. With grey veining, sometimes with gold tint, the marble has an added dimension with a white or light coloured background. Available in variety of shades, colors and hardness, the carrara marble Melbourne is great for indoors and outdoors.
   ● Fleuri cut - Across the grain of the marble, giving a flowering appearance
   ● Vein cut - With the grain of the marble, giving a lightning bolt effect


   ● High durability: Perfect for high traffic areas and constant use. These marbles can easily withstand the test of time.
   ● High versatility : The design ideas with the carrara marble is limitless. These can be easily applied and blended in kitchens, bedrooms, living rooms, bathrooms, outdoors and more.
   ● Increased home value : With a highly sophisticated and rich look, the properties with carrara marbles attract potential buyers who are ready to spend extra money for the stylish look.
   ● Low maintenance : Being easier to clean, this marble is also resistant to allergens, fungus and mold.

With an origin that dates back to 300 BC, the carrara marble Melbourne has been widely accepted as the stone-of-choice for homes, monuments, cathedrals, museums and government building across Australia. To get the unique style and sophistication of carrara marble to your property in Melbourne - call us to discuss your needs.

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