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Range of Engineered Stones

Australia Stone Expert Pty Ltd Specialist on engineered Stone Product mainly For Residential and Commercial Users, Which Divided into Three Areas

Unique Engineering Marble Stone, Natural Stone (Marble and Australia sandstone), and QUARTZ Stone.

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Incredible Wholesale Collection of Engineered Marble Stone, Natural Stone and Quartz Stone

Choosing the right stone for new construction or renovation would be one of the most difficult decisions ever made by anyone. Your choice in stone will not only affect the budget, but it will also influence the longevity and aesthetic appeal of the space. To make such decisions easier, ASE Stone provides a comprehensive range of natural and engineered stones at wholesale prices in Australia.

With outstanding services in the stone industry and high value to our customers, ASE Stone has been constantly working for the commercial and residential clients. With the best quality natural and engineered stones at highly competitive prices, we have always extended our extensive stone collection for homeowners, builders, interior designers, architects, construction companies, fabricators, other businesses, and contractors across Melbourne.

Highly competitive quality

We believe in displaying a strong level of commitment to our clients with a high standard of workmanship and quality in our products. Our range of engineered stone, engineered marblenatural stones and other products are sourced from the best of local quarries in Australia through the latest technology and fair trade practices. We guarantee quality sourcing, processing and finishing to all our products for optimal longevity after installation.

Our Products

Offering complete peace of mind with every product sold, our quality in stones is suitable for the Australian standards.

We are a one-stop solution for engineered and natural stone, equipped with experienced staff who can help you through the whole process of stone buying according to your needs. To be successful in the industry, we have strived to achieve beyond the current industry standards in product quality, process lead time, workmanship and product finish.

To experience our range of stones, browse through the available collection, and discuss custom needs – call our friendly team for details. Our natural and engineered stones are perfect for all the applications with great versatility, durability and looks.