• Marble Splashback
  • Marble Tile Splashback


Used as the focal point in various residential and commercial arrangements, the splashbacks are expected to be suitably stylish, fit for constant use and low on maintenance. As they are one of the most hardworking elements in any setting, we ensure that our marble tile splashback products are resistant to water splashes, heat, vigorous cleaning requirements, allergens and molds. Our marble splashback act as durable shield for the adjoining walls to which they are fixed to by a waterproof bonding agent.
   ● They create a rustic and calming atmosphere
   ● They are more subtle with a high-end feel
   ● They look luxuriously natural and provide great aesthetic appeal to any decor
   ● They are incredibly compliment other natural elements, such as wooden benchtops and industrial design stainless steel products

Whether you are looking for kitchen splashback, bathroom splashback or laundry splashback - our marble tile splashback is highly suitable for a wide range of applications. We aim to inspire you to bring the best marble splashback for your property in Melbourne, using the best quarried and finely processed natural stones at wholesale prices. To discuss your needs, call our team for assistance!

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